Gifs on Stream!

This site uses the power of Giphy to allow streamers to add GIF overlays to their streams. Just use the streamer link and login.

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What is this? enables streamers to enable a gif overlay on their stream. It uses Giphy to provide the gifs and twitch to verify who you are.

Can I use this on my stream?

Well this is still the prototype stage, but if things go as planned this will be opened up to more streamers. Right now there's only a handful of folks who have access to use this on their stream. Everyone can post gifs though!

Won't people use innaproriate gifs?

Giphy includes ratings with every gif. only allows G rated gifs to be used on stream.

What's the difference between the green 'Use' button and the blue 'Use Channel Gif' button?

By default if you don't put in a search term, the gifs shown on the homepage are the trending gifs from Giphy. The streamer can also add favorite gifs that will display on the main page. This is meant to be used to display common gifs that relate to the channel or allow gifs that haven't yet been rated G by giphy.

Who made this?

Yakpimp did. If you have questions you can send a private message on twitch.

Is there a limit on who can send gifs and how many?

Currently you must be a subscriber to the channel you are trying to post the gif to. Also there is a cooldown on how fast you can post gifs. This is configurable by the admin and can grow longer depending on if you spam too much... so don't!

Isn't there already an extension that allows this on twitch?

Not really. The extension has some limitations.

  • It only allows gifs from chat
  • It doesn't allow you to pick the perfect gif to describe what you are feeling
  • There is no historical tracking
  • There is no throttling
  • It doesn't allow limiting to subscribers only
  • You can't expose channel favorites